In the aftermath of a breakup, two young lovers seek solace in sharing their petty emotions with their closest friends.
Qin Tian and Xiao Fan are childhood sweethearts. One day, Qin Tian was diagnosed with severe illness and decided to break up with Xiao Fan. Suddenly, a rain carried him to the future eight years later, when he had already married Xiao Fan and had a son. This rainy season trip gave Qin Tian an opportunity to choose the future.
Lin Qinglang (played by Kim Chen), a working girl, made a sweet promise overnight to turn into a huge debt of 201314 yuan. How can she face it with a smile on the long journey of repaying money? Can the life trajectory of the scammer Ouyang Hui (played by Sun Yang), who has countless criminal records, be changed by meeting her? A "scammer couple", a "love scam game", where will the ending be
A group of teenagers decide to follow the path that Althea, an old witch, took, before her disappearance. They find a tunnel, and when they enter, it's not what they think.
A perfectionistic fitness influencer faces judgement, distractions and insecurities as she races to finish a "Get Ready With Me" video before a long-awaited cheat night.
A small plush toy aspires to become a chef with limited funds.
A daughter looks for a way to fund her mother's surgery.
Gonzalo has decided to die, but before leaving he calls his son Jorge for a final movie night. There, father and son will discover the simple things they kept hidden for many years.
Aspiring actress Sarah faces a power struggle in an intense audition for 'Dinner With My Family,' directed by the formidable Laura. The film delves into the cutthroat pursuit of perfection in the world of auditions.
“The Way We Dream” is the third Anthology Film of the “Letterboxd Independent Filmmakers” Discord Server, for which eleven cinematic artists from around the globe came together to create Short Film Works centered upon the primary notion of “Dreams”.
A new chapter for Toshiaki Toyoda. Expected Summer of 2024.
The long-awaited third and final installment of The Grooks trilogy.
After a conspiracy theorist is unambiguously dumped, his loyal to a fault childhood best friend schemes to fake a Sasquatch sighting to lift his dwindling spirits.
A driver is sent on a simple errand: to pick up a designer t-shirt and a tin of viagra for his boss, who is shacked up in a hotel with his lover. Simple as it sounds, the road trip crisscrosses the chasms of time, class, and character.
Pilo is a struggling, old vegetable farmer in Benguet, and a policeman, Ariel, team up to catch Razer, a member of the Benguet Marijuana Cartel — who happens to be the best friend on Pilo’s stoner brother, Ricky. Together they learn shocking secrets while trying to catch Razer.
The brother of missing activist Jonas Burgos bares in this documentary the untold stories behind the confidential leads, damning evidence, and why the disappearance of his brother remains a relevant case today.
A land-grabbing tycoon and a former sexy male actor are in a tight race for mayor in a small town. When violence erupts, Emmy, a teacher, runs into the wilderness with a ballot box, the last copy of the election result.
The film tells the story of narcotics police officer Huang Mingjin and the "mysterious figure" Wei Yunzhou. Through completely different means and methods, in the process of calculating and wrestling with each other, they tear apart the facade of urban tranquility, exposing the underground drug network woven by the hidden hand "Long Wang", and ultimately eradicate the darkness with the sword of justice, revealing the dawn of light.
In the aftermath of a great war, a knight flees his kingdom, embarking on a harrowing odyssey through a desolate land infested with merciless bandits, cave-dwelling horrors, and a witch who offers him one way out alive.
Years after giving up life in the CIA to start a family, two former spies are dragged back into the world of espionage when their cover is blown.

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