Anant Nag

Anant Nag, hailing from Karnataka, India, is renowned as both an actor and politician. Within the Kannada film industry, he is celebrated as one of the greatest actors of all time, having starred in numerous commercially successful movies. Critics often refer to him as an actor who never disappoints. Besides Kannada cinema, Anant Nag has showcased his talent in Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi films. Notably, he featured in the acclaimed series Malgudi Days, directed by his younger brother Shankar Nag, based on R.K. Narayan's stories, earning praise from critics. Fluent in Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, and Hindi, Anant Nag also possesses a good command of Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. His natural acting prowess, coupled with a distinctive speaking style (blending southern Kannada accent with a coastal touch), has firmly established him as one of Kannada cinema's most successful actors.