Daisy Head

Daughter of Anthony Head, renowned for his role as Rupert Giles in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and niece of singer Murray Head, Daisy Head naturally gravitated towards an artistic career. She made her television debut in 2004 in several British series, including "Feather Boy" and "Holby City," and appeared in an episode of "Rose and Maloney" alongside her father.
Head spent a decade appearing on the small screen before landing the lead role in "Guilt" in 2016, where she portrayed a young student suspected of her roommate's murder for ten episodes. That same year, she secured a role in "Underworld: Blood Wars," the fifth installment of the franchise led by Kate Beckinsale.
She then explored period productions with "Ophelia" and season 3 of "Harlots." Switching genres, she appeared in two Netflix fantasy series adapted from bestsellers: "Shadow and Bone" and "The Sandman." In 2023, she starred in the blockbuster "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" as Sofina, a powerful red mage with dark intentions.