Georgina Campbell

Georgina Campbell was born to a Jamaican police father and an English teaching mother, and has two sisters. Raised by her mother and stepfather after her parents' divorce, she nurtured a passion for cinema and aspired to become an actress. Her debut came in 2009 with the series Freaks, where she portrayed the main character, an online gaming addict. She went on to appear in various series such as Casualty, Doctors, One Night, A Midsummer Murders, After Hours, Flowers, and Broadchurch.
In 2016, Georgina landed the pivotal role of Lyta Zod in Krypton, exploring Superman's origins, as the daughter of General Alura Zod and lover of Seg-El, Superman's grandfather. She also starred in Suspicion alongside Uma Thurman, based on the Israeli series False Flag, delving into a kidnapping and conspiracy storyline. Her versatility extended to Black Mirror and Agatha Christie's mini-series The Pale Horse, as well as Soulmates.
While her focus has been primarily on television, Georgina Campbell has made notable strides in film as well. In 2017, she appeared in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. However, her standout performance came in the highly acclaimed horror film Barbare for Netflix in 2022. She also joined the cast of Bird Box Barcelona, a derivative of the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock. Demonstrating a penchant for horror, she portrayed a key character in the Watchers of Ishana, directed by Shyamalan's daughter, continuing to captivate audiences with her diverse roles.