Michael Nyqvist

Born in 1960 in Stockholm, Michael Nyqvist was adopted as an infant, a detail he would later explore in his memoir "Just After Dreaming" (2010). His theatrical journey began at 17 during an exchange program in the US, where he appeared in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman."
Returning to Sweden, Nyqvist briefly pursued ballet before rekindling his passion for theater at 19, enrolling at the esteemed Swedish Academic School of Drama. Following graduation, he balanced stage performances with roles in Scandinavian films and TV movies. His breakthrough came in 2000 with "Together," directed by Lukas Moodysson, where his portrayal of a violent husband garnered critical acclaim and commercial success.
Subsequently, Nyqvist starred in notable films such as "The Guy in the Grave Next Door" (2002), earning a Guldbagge Award, and "As It Is in Heaven" (2004), an Oscar-nominated foreign film. His career gained further momentum with roles in "Suddenly" (2006) and "The Black Pimpernel" (2007), solidifying his status as one of Sweden's most beloved actors.
In 2009, Nyqvist rose to international prominence as journalist Mikael Blomkvist in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," adapted from Stieg Larsson's novels. The trilogy's success propelled him to global fame, with additional scenes for the TV series adaptation showcasing his chemistry with Noomi Rapace.
Capitalizing on his newfound acclaim, Nyqvist expanded his presence in Hollywood, notably as the antagonist in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" (2011) and as a formidable adversary opposite Keanu Reeves in "John Wick" (2014). His versatility shone in the international crime drama "100 Code" (2015), where he played a Stockholm detective tackling a serial killer alongside Dominic Monaghan.
Nyqvist's diverse filmography also includes roles alongside Emma Watson in "Colonia," Pierce Brosnan in "I.T.," Laurence Fishburne in the mini-series "Madiba," and in the historical drama "A Serious Game."



John Wick (2014)

- Viggo Tarasov