Natasha Arancini

Natasha Arancini is a natural-born actor with an innate flair for the dramatic that has been evident since birth. Despite her notorious lack of direction, which led her on an expensive detour through a Law/Commerce degree, she eventually found her way to acting full-time in London after graduating. Her training spans the USA, UK, and Australia, including prestigious institutions like Howard Fine, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and The Second City, where she continues to hone her craft with weekly classes. Often likened to a sponge for her thirst for knowledge, Natasha's journey into acting is complemented by her versatility behind the scenes, where she's involved in everything from operating cameras to editing and even piloting drones.
Natasha's on-screen portfolio ranges from feature films to web series, recently including roles in 'Lizard Man' by Empire Studios and 'Monkey Man' by Bamyasi Media, though she finds equal joy in performing on stage. Her commercial work spans brands such as Afterpay, Yoplait, Lovehoney, and Qantas. Beyond acting, Natasha lends her distinctive voice to projects for Google, BMW, Microsoft, and Nike, showcasing her creativity in crafting unique characters.
Described as sassy and energetic, Natasha embraces roles both in front of and behind the camera with equal enthusiasm, always eager to contribute to projects in any capacity. Her iconic red hair, which seems to have a life of its own, adds to her memorable presence on and off set.



Beneath the Surface (2022)

- Natasha Arancini