Norman Reedus

Born in Hollywood, Norman Reedus has forged a unique career path. Beyond his acting, he has explored various artistic fields, including painting, photography, sculpture, and directing, even becoming a model for Prada. Despite these successes, Reedus remained determined to make his mark in the film industry.
He began his career on stage before catching the eye of Guillermo del Toro, who cast him as Jeremy in the 1999 horror film *Mimic*. Reedus further showcased his talent in *Under Influence* as Harry Odum, a young man whose life spirals into violence. His filmography expanded with roles in *Blade II*, *A Crime*, and *American Gangster*. In 2005, he starred as a German detective battling a serial killer in Christian Alvart's *Antibodies*.
In 2009, Reedus reprised his role as Murphy MacManus in the sequel *The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day*, directed and written by Troy Duffy. This thriller features twins on the run from the FBI.
Reedus also made appearances in television series, including *New York: Special Victims Unit*, *Masters of Horror*, and the pilot episode of the *Hawaii Five-0* remake. He played Nate Parks in two episodes of *Charmed* Season 5.
In 2010, Reedus auditioned for AMC's adaptation of the popular comic *The Walking Dead*. Robert Kirkman created the character of Daryl Dixon, Merle's brother, specifically for him. The role brought Reedus widespread acclaim and new opportunities, including a cameo in Lady Gaga's 2013 video for "Judas." His success with *The Walking Dead* led to a starring role in the apocalyptic film *Air*.
Reedus continued to expand his film career with significant roles in the intense thriller *Triple 9* and the road movie *Sky*, where he starred alongside Diane Kruger.



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